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Zippo® Lighter Repair Information

In order to serve the needs of both users and collectors of Zippo® windproof lighters, Zippo Manufacturing Co. has established the following repair policy:

When sending in a lighter to be repaired, please be sure to legibly print your name and complete return address on the outside of your package, as well as in your letter of instruction. Also, please include your telephone number in your letter.

We suggest that you send your lighter(s) back to Zippo via Insured Mail through the Postal Service or via United Parcel Service.

Your letter of instruction and lighter(s) should be sent to:

Important Note: Please remove the flint from your lighter(s) and allow the fuel to evaporate for two or three days before mailing.

For Genuine Zippo® Lighters 25 Years Old or Older
The original inside lighting mechanism will be returned to the customer in the same condition as received. The case of the lighter will be repaired as well as possible and a new inside lighting mechanism will be fit to the lighter case. The repaired lighter and the original inside lighting mechanism will be returned to the customer in the same package. As stated in their Lifetime Guarantee, the finish, however, is not guaranteed.

However, if you are a collector and wish Zippo to attempt to restore the inside lighting mechanism of your lighter, you must state in your letter that you are a collector and that you would like your inside lighting mechanism restored. If you fail to communicate this in your letter, your lighter will be repaired as stated in the above paragraph.

For Genuine Zippo® Lighters Less Than 25 Years Old
Zippo will repair the lighter by replacing the inside lighting mechanism of the lighter with a new lighting mechanism from its current year manufacture, and repairing the lighter case as well as possible. If you request in writing, they will also return your original inside lighting mechanism to you.

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