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Zippo® Table Lighter History

Barely 5 years after it began manufacturing pocket lighters, Zippo
made its first, but not last, table lighter. For over 60 years table lighters
had a respected place in the company's expanding product lines.

Zippo's first table lighter, the #10 Tall Table Lighter was produced in limited quantities between 1938 and 1941, then discontinued. The original #10 measured over 4.5" tall, and had an inside unit with fuel capacity greater than four times that of a pocket lighter. A slightly shorter #10 was introduced in 1947 as the Deluxe All Purpose Table Lighter, and in 1950 it was shortened again to 3.5". In 1953, the #10 began to utilize the same inside unit as a Zippo® pocket lighter, and in 1954 the #10 was renamed the Barcroft. The Barcroft lighter was produced until 1979.

The Lady Bradford, with its elegantly curved silhouette and heavy rhodium case, was introduced in 1949. The 1949 model had no base and used a large inside unit, both features that were changed in the 1950 model. Production of the Lady Bradford was discontinued in 1951.

The Moderne and Corinthian table lighters were both introduced in 1960. Available with three different finishes, the Moderne had a black & rhodium model, a satin finish rhodium model, and a bright finish rhodium model. The Corinthian was available in a turquoise and rhodium model, a bright finish rhodium, and a pearlescent rhodium finish. Both the Moderne and Corinthian table lighters were discontinued in 1966.

In 1979, Zippo introduced the Handilite, a pedestal base that, when attached to a regular size model, transformed almost any Zippo pocket lighter into a table model. A collector can determine the age of a Handilite by matching the marks on the bottom of the lighter with those of the dating code in the Collector's Guide.

For its 65th Anniversary in 1997 Zippo introduced The Lady Barbara table lighter, which replicated the classic 1949-51 Lady Bradford  design. The lustrous pewter base displayed Zippo's 65th Anniversary logo as an emblem on the front. The antiqued silver plate lighter can be removed from the Lady Barbara base to reveal an etched 65th Anniversary logo.

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