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Zippo® Lighter Uses

The Zippo® windproof lighter, made in Bradford, Pennsylvania, has achieved great popularity as a dependable lifetime product for lighting cigarettes, pipes and cigars. But were you aware that this American Classic is made for a multitude of other uses?

Consider some of the many tasks for which this quality product is ideally suited:

Around the house you can use your Zippo lighter ... find drafts in window jams and doorways. light birthday or anniversary cake candles. a portable porch light to find your keys and lock.
...for lighting pilot lights on gas ranges, hot water tanks and other household appliances.
...for de-icing car and truck locks. a tool for hobby and craft projects. ignite propane torches.
...for lighting a wood burning fireplace. light candles for a romantic evening. find your way around the house during a power outage.
...for burning wax off of the tips of ball point pens. light a favorite flaming dessert.
As a safety tool your Zippo lighter ...
...can work as a beacon on a boat.
...will start signal fires in all types of weather.
...can illuminate the way out of dark caves or forests.
...will provide emergency lighting.
...can be used as a hand warmer.
For outdoor sporting and recreation activities your handy Zippo lighter ...
...can help you find lost items.
...will let you read your watch at night.
...will help determine wind direction.
...lights campfires and charcoal grills.
...melts the ends of nylon rope to avoid fraying.
And don't forget that your Zippo lighter ...
...can be used as a pocket-sized billboard for your company or organization.
...will let the nimble-fingered user perform tricks.
...can be used at concerts as you slowly sway back & forth to a song by your favorite band.

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